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>>I am  constantly looking for a quick way to protect outdoor SO-239 and  
>>PL-259 connectors, individually. I am not asking how to seal a  complete 
>>connection, but but only a bare SO-239 and a bare PL259  without simply 
>>wrapping either with tape, etc. Something that  slides over either and 
>>stays in place would be  great.

>  For how long? and does it have to be really UV  resistant?

    This is the $64 question. What are you really  trying to do?

>  Plastic bag, secured with  a nylon zip  tie or wrap of tape?

>  Piece of rubber hose?

>   Balloon or condom?

        What's wrong with tape?!?  It's the way millions of connectors are 
weatherproofed by professionals and  amateurs. You need something that doesn't 
merely slide on - that's wide open for  water incursion. 

        As far as the above  scenarios, they won't work because water vapor 
will get trapped in the sealed  bag, etc. and you've just shot yourself in the 
        Use the danged tape. Scotch  33 or 88 is the industry standard. Use a 
box-knife to slice it open if easy  access is your goal. Just about anything 
else is asking for trouble. 
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