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Wed Mar 22 17:08:19 EST 2006

> In the '60s that was called Americana tower. TV antenna  stuff

Doesn't sound like American Tower. They used the same size tubing for the 
cross bracess as for the legs which was about 1" ID. with 24" vertical 
spacing between the cross braces. I could climb my 97' 45G three times with 
less effort than one climb on a 60' American Steel.   I just gave away about 
130 feetof the stuff.

I used the two bolt stuff back in the 60s and 70s as it was handy.  I had a 
5L KLM 20 Meter monobander on 40 feet of the stuff. The tower used a dirt 
base and was anchored to the peak of the house. No guy wires.  It stood up 
to winds that took a TV antenn tripod right off the roof.  I had the big 15 
meter KLM on another at the back of the house and the 7L Wilson 10 meter 
beam (39' boom) on a 40 guyed version near the back of the lot.  They also 
stood up through an ice/wind storm that took out miles of powerline.

It came in what was refered to as one bolt and two bolt sizes.  The number 
refering to the number of bolts in each leg at the joint.
Although I'd never consider using it now, it worked very well back then with 
some very large antennas.

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