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End rezult.........+ 3db........!!!!

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If you have a local Home Depot or a Lowes Store, you
can try the 3m pads, there are plenty selection that
are good to clean metal and remove old noalox or the
rust from the aluminum tubing, depending of the amount
of rust  you can select the "grain" size , are non
metallic and they give a good clean,  also some
sanding pads not paper sand paper , this works in some
very dificul to remove. after clean you can use some
polish to give a new look to the tubing most of the
time located in the towing/truck box are in lowes . i
use this in one create antena very rusty  and some
aluminum Dishes . this product is very easy to use and
you can buy online also , used to clean aluminum truck
box or truck diesel tanks.

i will clean my c4s tmw  to looks as new .
73 de XE2K/XF1K

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> I am sure this has been covered before but need to
> know again.
> What is the best method of burnishing aluminum? I
> have several antennas
> that have had the elements partially disassembled,
> which I am now going
> to put back together. The elements have been outside
> for several years
> and there appears to be a little bit of aluminum
> oxide on the outer
> surface of the elements (and I presume inside also).
> I want to burnish the elements and remove any build
> up of aluminum oxide
> before I apply noalox (sp?) compound to the elements
> and telescope them
> back together. My inclination is to use:   1.) fine
> emery (sp?) cloth,
> 2.)  fine grain sandpapaer,  or    3.) steel wool.  
> I would guess the
> steel wool is not good due to the dissimilar metals
> and the possibility
> that some of the metal would be left on the
> elements.
> What works best?
>                  73
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