[TowerTalk] Force 12 Antenna Question

W4ZW w4zw at comcast.net
Thu Mar 23 21:13:09 EST 2006

> Last October, I put the similar A743 kit on my A3S. I have 
> not seen this "narrowing" of 20m. The 20m SWR curves are much 
> the same as before.

Same here.  Don't have the 40M on any of my A4S's at present since I have
the 402CD,  but in the past I've had the 40M combo in three different QTHls
(two in Europe) and  they always worked well and did not affect the other
bands as far as I could tell.

The A4S is an excellent antenna.  Mine here compare favorably with my 3 El
SteppIR and my TH-7DX (not up now).
They are lightweight, work well, easy to assemble, and with the 40M
extension quite a nice package.  IMHO trap loss is a vastly over emphasized
fault.  Losses, sure, but not such that they relegate trapped yagis to the
dust bin.

My 2 cents.

Jon Hamlet,  W4ZW
Casey Key Island, Florida
"A little piece of paradise in the Gulf of Mexico"

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