[TowerTalk] Why FL policy holders hate insurance companies

Cqtestk4xs at aol.com Cqtestk4xs at aol.com
Fri Mar 24 08:01:19 EST 2006

Yes, insurance companies pay legitimate claims... but so many claims are
just plain fraudulent.. and so many claims are horrendously inflated by our
out of control tort system where lawyers are allowed to convince the
uneducted who make up our juries to award outrageous settlements...........

K4XS example......

2003-2004 insurance coverage.......$1100

2005 policy canceled (only one company will provide insurance out of a dozen 
called (no mention of any towers either)

2005-2006 insurance coverage.......$2350

Estimated 2006-2007  (according to what the state estimates)......25%-40% 
increase, making it somewhere around $3000-$3200.

Number of claims made by K4XS in the period....zero.  By the above rates 
includea 2% deductible on the INSURED VALUE the house, so no frivolous 
"mini-claims" of $2000 or so will be covered.

The above example is not unique to me.  It is rampant around Florida.  Many 
big companies will not cover any homes in Florida.  However, they will cherry 
pick less risky forms of insurance policies down here like auto and boat.  
Around 10-15% of Florida homeowners cannot buy insurance from normal sources and 
are forced to obtain in from the state funded insurance company...Citizens, 
which by law has to charge the highest rates allowed by law. For years companies 
insured down here when we had few hurricanes and made BIG profits, now they 
have hit the road.

Many can no longer afford insurance and are now uninsured. Finding a 
Floridian with a kind or even neutral word about insurance companies is like finding 
as snowflake in Miami....extremely rare.

What does this have to do with towers?  It's one of the reasons I'm taking 
mine down and moving to KH6.

Bill K4XS

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