[TowerTalk] Fw: Why FL policy holders hate insurance companies

ec1cwg at dxhunters.com ec1cwg at dxhunters.com
Fri Mar 24 10:11:45 EST 2006

> The worst is the auto insurance industry, quite likely the best organized
> crime still operating in the US.  You are required by law to pay them for
> your auto insurance, yet, they are not required to insure you!  They can
> quite literally name their price and you must pay it if you wish to 
> operate
> your vehicle legally.
> 73

I can´t complain for home insurance. Here in N. Spain is quite different. I 
paid this year about 300 U$ for my home insurance including radio equipments 
(all risk policy = no exclusions). Anyway, they refused to insure my antenna 
systems (wich is partially covered by our URE insurance). Regarding our car 
insurance system it works as described in US here too....So, companies seems 
to work the same way as there. 73s!
EC1CT Fernando
E-mail: ec1cwg at dxhunters.com
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