[TowerTalk] ?? web-based resources for towers, installation, approvals etc

Alan NV8A nv8a at att.net
Sat Mar 25 09:38:59 EST 2006

In most cases the tower manufacturers will specify the foundations, 
guys, etc., to be used for a given load, wind speed, etc.

If you don't have those specifications (e.g., because the tower cannot 
be identified, or the manufacturer is no longer in business, or because 
it's a home-brew tower), I would say that the right way to do it is to 
consult an engineer. I'm not sure that a Web site can provide the needed 

Alan NV8A (long-ago VK4AFE)

On 03/24/06 09:18 pm Phil Grimshaw wrote:

> Just wondering if anyone has pointers (web urls, documents they can post 
> etc)  to info, advice, data etc on towers,  footings & guy anchor 
> points,   of towers & masts of various sizes.  It seems to me that a web 
> resource like this for hams everywhere would be a much liked resource to 
> be able to turn to.??

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