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>  Just wondering if anyone has pointers (web urls, documents  they can post 
etc)  to info, advice, data etc on towers,   footings & guy anchor 
points,   of towers & masts of  various sizes.  It seems to me that a web 
resource like this for hams  everywhere would be a much liked resource to 
be able to turn  to.??
    The only thing I've seen is the Radian-Rohn  website - 
_www.radiancorp.com_ (http://www.radiancorp.com) . You can  look up the drawings and other specs 
    While your tower might not be a Rohn, you can  make some inferences from 
their specs. Match up your tower - guyed,  self-supporting, height - and look 
up what you need for three different  windspeeds - 70, 90 and 110 MPH. While 
the tower might be different, the wind  forces are the same.
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