[TowerTalk] insulated guys

Larry Emery k1uo at uninets.net
Mon Mar 27 17:22:00 EST 2006

I have the parts to assemble an insulated base 1/4 wave 160 meter antenna 
from Rohn 25g tower.  The insulated guys were salvaged from a 4 year old AM 
Station transmitting tower that was also Rohn 25!.  The guys are 3/16 ehs 
with 502 insulators and preforms that start 3ft 8 out from the tower 
connected end, then a second 502 insulator 3ft 8i n out from the first, then 
there is a span of 71 feet before the next 502 insulator and finally a span 
of 66ft to the last insulator.   there are 5 sets of these guys.  3 sets of 
guys with 4 insulators as described above and 2 sets configured the same as 
the first three insulators described above.

All sets start with 2 insulators close to the tower and then 71ft to the 
next one.   Do you think these will be ok to use "as is" or should I change 
insulator spacings for use on 160M?   I will only need 4 guy sets for 
30,60,90,120ft levels and anchor rods are 100ft from tower base.

Larry   k1UO 

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