[TowerTalk] Decision:T8 or T11

R. Kevin Stover rkstover at mchsi.com
Mon Mar 27 20:04:51 EST 2006

jacobsen_5 at msn.com wrote:
> Mark said: 
> "There seem to be 2 obvious options given I'll be using an Alliance HD73 
> and a 12' 6061-T6 mast, 2" OD x 1/4" wall. (Yes, I've done load calcs to 
> make sure it will not break"
> Hi Mark,  I would seriously think about getting a different rotor that will handle the load. I would be real concerned that the HD73 would handle a T8 or T11, plus other aluminum. You could end up with a nice windmill up there.
> Just my $.02
> 73
> Good luck with your project.
> K9WN  Jake
I'll ditto that from family experience.
My father had an HD-73 turning a Cushcraft A4 and an 11 el Hygain 2m 
beam 5 ft above the A4. If you believe the HD-73 specs this load 
shouldn't have been a problem as both beams and mast were about 65% of 
the rated rotator windload.

The rotator lasted about 2 years.

R. Kevin Stover

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