[TowerTalk] Antenna Matching Network

Jim Idelson k1ir at designet.com
Mon Mar 27 20:50:42 EST 2006

So, last night I was telling Sue, my wife, about the local flea market I 
attended earlier in the day. She asked if I bought anything. I responded, "I 
picked up some cables and a few special capacitors."

She said, "What are the capacitors for?"

I responded, "They're for an antenna matching netowrk."

She said, "I didn't know there was a Matching Network for Antennas."

She's not really a technology person.

We had a few laughs thinking up sample personal ads for the Antenna Matching 

"Tall, thin 40m vertical, seeks 30m companion. Must be well-grounded and 
somewhat flexible."

Jim Idelson K1IR
email    k1ir at designet.com
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