K6XN k6xn at comcast.net
Thu Mar 30 13:48:05 EST 2006


With respect, am I correct in assuming that there are in effect the
following general schools of thought and guidance from and for the

1.	Always follow directions from the tower manufacturer, pay attention
to published specifications and directions and stay within specifications;
2.	Make your tower as high as you can make it irrespective of published
specifications, put the biggest antenna(s) you can on the tower and if it
stays up then a.) the antennas aren't big enough yet and/or b.) the
specifications aren't really relevant for *your* QTH and installation.  :-)
3.	Notwithstanding Rules 1 and 2, plan on doing what is necessary
whether you want to or not in order to obtain necessary building permits and
to be in compliance with applicable tower ordinances or you may have to take
it down and/or pay damages and attorneys fees and costs if it comes down and
causes any damages.or even if a neighbor simply doesn't like the looks of

73, Ted, K6XN

Ps Just chuckling at what I have been reading ..and at my own successful.and
unsuccessful.experiences in following the schools of thought identified
above. Lately I have been following rule 1 for new tower installations as
some of my rule 2 towers snap one inch diameter anchor bolts and/or self
destruct in winter storms. Simply following Rule 3 has saved me a lot of
expense and hassle over the years. 

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