[TowerTalk] Looking for advise on new tower

Don Havlicek n8de at thepoint.net
Fri Mar 31 08:12:19 EST 2006

As an owner of 5 Universal towers, let me try to help.

First, do NOT use the B-22 base if you intend to go higher than 40' at 
some future time.  Use the B-26 base with 23-40 tower composed of 
26-Tap, 22-Str, 22-Tap, and 18 Top.
This will allow you much more flexibility in adding sections to go 
higher with sufficient windload.
Starting with the B-22 base, your windload capabilities when you add 
more sections of tower will decrease greatly to a point where you will 
not be able to add antennas. should you wish.

The aluminum towers do not require the same level of maintenance as 
steel towers, as they never need painting or "de-oxidation".  Only thing 
I would recommend is replacing the tower bolts every eight to ten years 
as they will deteriorate due to galvanic action.  This is possible, even 
with the tower in place, as there are two sets of bolts at each leg joint.

Let me know if you have any other questions.
Good luck

Eric Barnes wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I have been saving for my first tower and would appreciate any advise or recommendations anyone has on the matter.
> I was looking at a self support tower, 40' tall made by Universal Towers.  I was going to use the B-22 base which would allow me to add a few sections later if needed to gain a bit of height and keep decent wind load.  
> I was concerned with the fact that these are aluminum and am not sure how they will hold up.  Would I be better of with a Rohn tower or similar?
> For background... I have no room for guying and will be placing a wifi dish antenna with 2 sq ft loading and a 12 elem 2 meter beam.
> If anyone has any suggestions, I would be grateful to hear them.
> Eric Barnes
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