[TowerTalk] why not regalvanize?

K4VV at aol.com K4VV at aol.com
Tue May 2 00:00:34 EDT 2006

ZRC is apparently the leading "Cold Galvanizing " product, advertised as 
being accepted by the US Government as "equivalent" to hot dip galvanizing."  
(Inability to apply to the interior surface in tubing is a disadvantage compared 
to hot dip.)  I have used ZRC several times over the last nine years with 
positive results.  One would prefer hot dip galvanizing, but there are situations 
when that is not practical.  ZRC may also be useful to add protection to 
galvanized steel.  When hot dip is not practical, ZRC may be a useful alternative, 
probably more desirable than Rustolium or other paint products.  I am no 
expert, so do your own research. 

Jack Hammett, K4VV   

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