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AA6DX - Mark aa6dx at arrl.net
Mon May 8 11:37:24 EDT 2006

Back in the 7Øs, I had a steerable vertical array for 4ØM like that of which 
you speak .. I read, re-read, studied, and decided the "way to go" was EACH 
vertical have its own isolated set of radials.  It worky worky swell.  But, 
this was the days before computer optimizing, and I have since read "proof", 
as I recall, that an inclusive system works best.  As the one I installed, 
using coax and switches for phasing, worked so well, I never changed it, and 
never had a chance to run A-B tests.  All I know is that it sure performed, 
each vertical independent of the others as to radials.  I still had the 
coaxial cable grounds offering a common connection, as my switches were not 
double-pole.  I am about ready to try that again, in my quite small downtown 
lot.  I have collected about enough aluminum for 3 32' sticks...  HIHI
Mark Nelson  -  AA6DX

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Hi All

I have 3 phased verticals for 40 and an inverted "L" for 160.  At the base
of each of these, I have a pretty extensive radial system.
I run a wire from the radials at the base of each antenna to the radial
system on each of the other 3 antennas.  What I was wondering was:
1.  It helps
2.  It hinders
3.  Makes no difference.


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