[TowerTalk] Rohn 25 questions

Mike Brown k9mi at sbcglobal.net
Thu May 11 09:48:26 EDT 2006

I recently purchased 70' of Rohn 25G from a friend who climbs on weekends.
I'm replacing a 40' tower that is similar, but it is lighter and has the
bars welded horizontal, and has no Z bracing. It has been up since '98 with
no problems, but my friend gave me a deal I couldn't refuse on the 70' of

I know very little about tower installation. I'm on a 50 x 120 lot, and
there is no way of spacing the guys 120 degrees apart. All the tower will
have on it, is my TH3, and wire antennas for the low bands. I could use more
then 3 guy points. I was thinking that since there will not be a lot on it,
maybe I could get by with a little "fudge factor". I know the K7LXC Prime
Directive. It's just that 3 guy points (on the ground) with 120 degree
spacing just cannot be done. I was thinking that the guys would be placed at
35' and 65' on the tower. Maybe 4 or 5 ground points on the ground would
make up for not being able to use 3 with 120 degree spacing.

I plan on using 1/4 or 3/16 EHS for guy wire.The base will be 3'x3' 4ft
deep, like I did my first tower and have 2 or 3 inches of gravel at the
bottom. I was thinking of using screw anchors at the guy points. Dumb
question coming up here. Can I just "screw" them into the ground, or is
concrete needed in those areas also.

The really bad thing in this neighborhood is, if the tower would fall, it
would hit something.  If this sounds too much like an installation that is
asking for trouble, I guess I could always replace the existing tower with
the 25G at 40ft and at least have a stronger tower there. Or should I scrap
the whole idea and use ground mounted verticals?  I have a messed up back
and take heavy meds on a daily basis, so I would have to bribe friends to 
this done anyway.

Replies can be sent direct. I know, a free standing tower is what I really
need, but it's not in the buget. Maybe this one isn't either. Any advice
would be appreciated. I guess there is always the 8 mile drive to the local
club at contest time.


73, Mike K9MI

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