[TowerTalk] Best tower for salt environment

john at kk9a.com john at kk9a.com
Tue May 16 21:57:25 EDT 2006

I have seen the cables of crankup towers break pretty quickly in that 
environment.  You didn't say what your application is.  If there is not a 
lot of windload or height, perhaps an aluminum tower would work.  If you use 
a steel tower, expect to paint it at least once a year.   The wind, sand and 
salt will blast the paint off of the tower.   I do not believe that the 
inside of the tower tubes will be as effected since they are out of the 
wind. There are certainly a lot of Rohn guyed towers in the Caribbean and 
many of the owners spend their vacations painting them.  I have also seen a 
stainless steel Rohn style tower, but I have no idea where to purchase one.

John KK9A / P40A

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Best tower for salt environment
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I am working on a project that involves building a station near salt water
in the Caribbean.  The idea of a crankup has been tossed around, but I'm
wondering how well the mechanics would hold up over time.

Using Rohn 45 is certainly an option, but I'm assuming it would need to be
painted every year or two to keep it in check.  I've also tossed the idea of
using a self supporter around.

So I defer to the experts - what would the suggestions be?

Kelly - N0VD

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Hollow tube towers of any kind can and always will have a problem of
possibly rusting from the inside out. Pyrod solid leg tower seems like an
choice but a good one around salt water. Those bolt together flat iron
type..Titan or Trylon? might be a good choice too..solid flat and L shaped
bracing and legs. I think the more heavy duty type SSV towers and the like 
are not thin enough to worry about rust weakening problems. I am no 
but have plenty of common sense and mechanical know how. I own 2 crank
ups,,,,  if the cables ever snap..oh well, I won't be on it. You can't buy a
life can  you? Not that this previous recent accident had to do with rusty
sections  but makes you kinda think how sad it must have been to be this 
who  watched that whole mess unfold. The more bad things I read, the happier 
am not  having to climb past 25 ft or so, after the tower sections are 
up on  4x4's that is. Crank ups are much easier and safer to visually check
them than  guyed tower.

           Good luck with  your project, Pete NA2P 

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