[TowerTalk] [WISPA FCC] OT??? High power 2.4 GHz rules change

Darrel J. Van Buer darrel at vanbuer.net
Sat May 20 19:27:02 EDT 2006

I don't actively use 2.4 GHz so the only affect now is nil, in future if 
I got into it, it would presumably drive up costs and obsolete some non 
APC gear, but several observiatons:

It's first and foremost an ISM band - even we hams are stuck with any 
ISM interference, including the ubiquitous microwave oven.  While ovens 
are not supposed to leak (much), it doesn't take much of a kilowatt 
leaking out to be trouble for part 15 power levels of a few milliwatts.  
I don't think you'll ever get APC on the ovens.  Virtually all ham 
VHF/UHF spectrum is shared with other services, usually radar or ISM.

Most ham stuff is still modes like FM, CW, AM video, relatively narrow 
band fixed carrier.  Mutual interference with spread spectrum like much 
of 802.11 is inherently low.

Politically, it seems like you are trying to find a way around to sneak 
around the downside of unlicensed Part 15 - you have almost no rights.  
The "right" approach is to seek licensed spectrum, with rules to fit the 
class of service.

Darrel J. Van Buer, AK6I
darrel at vanbuer.net

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