[TowerTalk] Painting Rohn 45

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Sun May 28 14:54:06 EDT 2006

I have used ZRC cold galvanizing product on new and used towers with good 

ZRC is accepted as meeting the standard of hot dip galvanizing for some 
applications.  ZRC does take a little more preparation for use, shaking and 
stirring.  Use a painting glove to apply the ZRC by gripping and wiping the tubular 
surfaces and a small brush to touch up tight spots. A mixing tool on your 
electric drill will help.

My experience is that applying ZRC is easy on the ground.  One challenge in 
applying ZRC while climbing is the need for a stable method for hooking the 
tray or bucket to the tower and trips down and up to prepare a new batch.  You 
may have a helper to prepare and raise another batch, or mix a half gallon to 
take up and work quickly.  It took about 1.5 hours for me to do 70 feet of Rohn 
55 on the ground.

One coat is effective.  I applied two for more longevity.  The Rohn is still 
looking good after 10 years.  I have applied ZRC to four more towers recently.

ZRC sells for about $100 to $120 per gallon.  I have no financial interest or 
family connection with ZRC.

Follow the instructions carefully for storage.

Jack Hammett, K4VV

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