[TowerTalk] Wasps and tower climbing

W3YY w3yy at cox.net
Wed Oct 4 17:45:42 EDT 2006

You have the right idea. When it gets cool or cold, they become very 
inactive.  That's the time to strike.  A good wasp spray will kill a nest, 
if it's there.  Sometimes there will be no evidence of why they were 
swarming there and they will simply move on.

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> Today I almost climbed into a swarm of wasps at the top of my tower.  I 
> will
> wait until it is cool and go up and see if I can clean them out.  But do 
> any
> of you have techniques to deal with this issue?  In my mind it may be the
> most significant safety risk associated with my hobby.
> Wes, WZ7I
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