[TowerTalk] Stacking V-UHF antennas.

Ian White GM3SEK gm3sek at ifwtech.co.uk
Wed Oct 11 02:15:11 EDT 2006

Julio Peralta wrote:
>Am I correct in my thinking that when you stack 2 antennas the E-plane
>beamwidth is halved. In my case I'm going to stack 2 VHF beams for 2M
>that have a 35 degree E-plan beamwidth I think it will be 17.5 degrees
>after stacking them one above the other. I also think the H-plane
>beamwidth will not change.
>Am I right or wrong?

If you stack two horizontally polarized yagis one above the other, the 
E-plane (horizontal) beamwidth stays the same. The H-plane (vertical) 
beamwidth is reduced, but not exactly halved.

For more details, follow the link to "Stacking Yagis" from the VHF DX 
area of my home page.

73 from Ian GM3SEK         'In Practice' columnist for RadCom (RSGB)

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