[TowerTalk] Am I asking for trouble? - tower loading

jknodel M Knodel jknodel at msn.com
Sun Oct 15 13:57:46 EDT 2006

I would like to get everyone's opinion on this -

I am planning on installing a US Towers crankup tower. These towers are 
rated for windloads at 50mph and 70mph. I want to stack 2 beams on the 
tower. These 2 antennas would exceed the tower's windload rating at 70mph 
but would be well within the rating for 50mph. I plan to install a wind 
speed meter and deligently crank down the tower every time the wind exceeds 

I cannot install a guyed tower at this location so this is my only option. 
The crankup with these antennas and cranking it down in winds over 50mph is 
my plan. Am I asking for trouble in doing this?? Thanks.

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