[TowerTalk] Single Line Tram System - Ideas Please

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The single wire tram is a lot more stable than the old two wire and a whole 
lot easier to set up.

>I don't understand why anyone is still using a two wire tram
> system.
> A single tram wire works superb.  I use a similar set up to
> Jim's and others hanging the antenna below the single tram
> line.  To attach the antenna to the tram pulley, I welded an
> 'eye' to the saddle of a muffler clamp, 2", 3", 4" or what

I just use the boom to mast clamp u-bolts.

> ever the size of the boom.  I attach the muffler clamps to
> the boom on either side of the boom to mast plate, and at a
> tilt such that when the antenna goes up the tram line the
> 'leading' element tips are pointing up to make sure they
> clear any guy wires near the top.  The rope from the tram
> pulley is tied to the 'eyes' and adjusted such that the
> antenna is balanced.  I then attach a rudder ( I use a piece

If you take the antenna up sideways which makes it a whole lot easier when 
you get to the top, take the "pull rope", atach it to the boom to mast clamp 
just like the tram. The run the rope up the nearest element and take a half 
hitch near the end of the element.  Yes it'll make the antenna come up 
turned a little, but it should be no problem. When the half hitch reaches 
the mast at the tower, just slide the half hitch down the element toward the 
boom. When you get to the boom the pull rope can be disconnected.  I've used 
this method with tall gin poles and tall verticals to easily install 
antennas I'd never be able to do otherwise without a lot of work.


Roger Halstead (K8RI and ARRL 40 year Life Member)
N833R - World's oldest Debonair CD-2

> of 1 x 4 wood) to the boom and to the tram line to stop the
> antenna from twisting while moving up the tram line.
> This makes raising an antenna a 'piece of cake'!
> Doug/VA5DX
> Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Single Line Tram System - Ideas
> Please
> I don't get it, Lee. I've been using single-line tramming
> here for years. We've
> installed and uninstalled everything you can imagine - not
> too long ago, a 4-el
> 40m Optibeam [great antenna; deserves this plug] went up the
> tram line. For
> that lift, we used a tram line made of guy wire and pulled
> it up with a power
> winch attached to the base of the tower. The pull line was
> also wire rope. For
> smaller jobs, we get away with a rope tram line and
> hand-pull the antenna with
> a rope.
> I've never considered a fancy two-line tram; never saw a
> need. I simply hang
> the antenna from the pulley that rides the main tram line
> with two straps to
> the boom. The straps are attached to the boom at a spacing
> that ensures the
> antenna is balanced under the pulley. Then we add a tag line
> somewhere to
> control the antenna, and away we go.
> Jim Idelson K1IR
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