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>  I have used various forms of silicon sealants for years and  it seems
they all have the same problem.  They seem to be made for  single uses.
By that I mean they harden in the tube. I'm sure the  manufactures love
this.  I'm not talking  about cartridges but  tubes for small uses. Is
there a specific product that I can use , recap  and use again and again
in small amounts?

I'll assume you're using silicon sealants for  antenna and feedline 
connections. RTV (room temperature vulcanizing)  materials are mostly the wrong things 
to use. The problem is that they outgas  acetic acid while they cure. The 
acetic acid can get into the electrical  contact and cause problems. There is an 
RTV for aquariums that doesn't do that  and if you really need to use it, 
that's the recommended one.
Steve     K7LXC



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