[TowerTalk] Force-12 LPT-1242 winch problem

Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. Leigh at WA5ZNU.org
Sat Oct 28 22:00:08 EDT 2006

I have a recently-installed Force-12 LPT-1242 with the Hidden Cable option.
The combination appears to have a problem that prevents the tower from 
getting higher than about 25', or 35' if I take extra steps to work 
around the problem.
I would like to hear from anyone else who has the LPT-1252 with the 
Hidden Cable option, and not the motorized power winch.

I searched the archives and found one message referring to the winch, 
but it doesn't mention this problem.

Here is the problem:
(Please refer to this factory photo: 

When the cable winds to the right side of the winch, the cable binds 
against the small square tube that hides the cable.
I can get past that point either by force (which I find worrisome) or by 
putting a bushing against the right side of the winch to reduce the travel.
Not having metalworking facilities, I'm again not comfortable with the 
bushing I've made, and also the manufacturer's site recommends reducing 
the number of winding layers, and this would increase them.

When the cable travels back to the left side again (which happens sooner 
with the bushing on the right now), the cable binds against the winch's 
own worm gear.
A bushing on the left side would again reduce travel and increase 
winding layers, but would also have the problem that it would either 
displace or cover the initial 3 turns of cable that set the tension, as 
the cable starts on the left side.

I've turned the crank as much as I feel comfortable with with the cable 
rubbing against the worm gear, and the maximum height I get is 34ft, 
leaving me 10 more feet to go.


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