[TowerTalk] Tilting towers

Bob Turner n2scj at msn.com
Mon Oct 30 12:16:47 EST 2006

When raising my 3 leg, no name tower. I used one line, using 3 pulleys.
This results in 3x mechanical advantage.  Anchor points were 2 of the 3 legs
of the tower about 11 feet up.  This represents about 1/3 of the tower
length.  Tower is a light to medium duty tower that were frequently used
years ago before cable TV came to Long Beach Island, NJ.  Tower was (2) 20
feet sections.  I shortened top section by about 8 feet and
fabricated/welded a top plate.  Tower is about 32 feet.  11 feet high anchor
point was my garage.  I thought anchor point should be higher, but did not
have a suitable anchor point any higher.  I used my 21 HP riding mower as
the source of power to pull the line.  It worked, not sure how much of a
safety factor I had though.



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