[TowerTalk] Comparison between SteppIR and Cushcraft Log Periodic?

Bill Turner dezrat at copper.net
Wed Sep 6 00:13:55 EDT 2006


On Wed, 6 Sep 2006 03:35:54 -0000, "David Hachadorian"
 <k6ll at adelphia.net> wrote:

>If you believe the manufacturers' numbers, you are giving up
>over 2 dB of gain on most bands if you go with the
>Cushcraft. That would be significant for me. Plus, there is
>the old ham axiom of "LP's perform poorly over a wide range
>of frequencies." Also, you don't hear of too many contesters
>running Cushcraft LP's.

------------ REPLY FOLLOWS ------------

Cushcraft rates the LP gain at 6.4 dbi and SteppIR rates the 3-el at
6.6 dbi, a difference of .2 dB, not 2. Where did your info come from?

If the gain is within .2 dB, how could an LP "perform poorly in all
directions"? What other parameter is deficient?

Bill, W6WRT

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