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Hector Garcia XE2K j_hector_garcia at sbcglobal.net
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There some companies offer the full package, but if
you want to have it low budget

here what you want
1 45-55 watts solar panel
1 12v deep cycle bat  and 
1regulator 7 ams works
 2 wireless bridge/AP  -if you wireless router run in
12v is no big deal, like the linksys ap/bridge
you will need a ADSL/cable  router that work in 12v or
get a regulator from 12 to your voltage possible 5vdc
2 amps
2 at least 15 dbs yagi or dish 2.4 ghz 
2 coax cables  short runs  
1  weather proof box for all the above except the
antenna and cable
some cables, work and mounting material, a pole or a
roof where to install

maybe you will be passing the 600 dlls easy

--- Doug Rehman <rehman at surveil.com> wrote:

> OK, first the tower tie in- I need to get cable
> service to my house for
> higher speed for my business (ADSL is maxed out at
> around 450K). My house is
> about 700 feet from the cable line at the highway. I
> am concerned about
> potential cable leakage (I enjoy my present quiet
> environment for weak
> signal VHF/UHF), not to mention the potential for
> putting my signal into the
> cable network.
> I own an old farmhouse that is right at the highway
> (between my house and
> the highway). I am contemplating getting the cable
> installed to the old
> farmhouse and then running a wireless link back to
> the house. (I know fiber
> would be ideal, but I don't have the free time
> available to deal with the
> installation issues at the moment.)
> The farmhouse doesn't have electrical service- it
> did at one time, just not
> now. My plan is to put a marine battery in the
> farmhouse, charged by a solar
> panel, running a UPS (in place of the little battery
> that is normally
> installed in it). There is a 45 watt kit on eBay for
> around $220 shipped; I
> would think that would be more than enough capacity
> to keep the marine
> battery powering the UPS charged while powering a
> cable modem and wireless
> link.
> I know the easy way would be to have electrical
> service turned back on at
> the farmhouse, but I'd rather avoid having to put in
> the necessary
> electrical panel, etc. to replace the ancient fire
> hazard that is there now.
> Besides, its one less risk of fire at the farmhouse
> by not having power
> service there.
> Anybody been there and done that? If so, any
> pointers or problems with my
> plan?
> BTW, it would cost around $650 to have the CATV
> brought all the way back to
> my house, so the cost of the solar system and the
> wireless link is probably
> very cost effective. Plus I keep the CATV 500 feet
> away.
> Doug
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