[TowerTalk] phillystran length ?

Sat Aug 4 09:26:35 EDT 2007

I did virtually the same thing that you are planning on my 120 feet of Rohn
25. I used the Phillystran on the top three sets of the four. I used 100
feet on the top set, 75 feet on the second set and 50 feet on the third set.
The bottom guy is all steel. I have a Force 12 C3E and 2 ele Cushcraft on
top, a full sized sloper for 80 and inverted Vee for 160...the two wire
antennas have pulleys with UV resistant rope at the top so that I can pull
them up and down for maintenance.

If you ever want to use your tower as a vertical you will want to use
Phillystran on all the guys, at least for a little way.

I know that you are looking for minimum lengths and I don't really know. It
will probably vary with each individual tower. Just be sure that the
Phillystran is completely clear of all trees and other things that might
"rub" on them...they don't like that. I misjudged mine and one of my palm
trees has grown close enough so that the fronds brush the guy wire. Now I am
going to have to get a longer steel guy and shorten up the Phillystran about
10 feet. (At least it is the third guy down!)

Bill W5VX


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>I am planning to put up a 100ft rohn 45g with 3 sets of guys 1 at 94 ft. 2
>at 61ft, 3 at 31 ft.
>The antenna will be a steppir 3 ele.  6-20 meters and with 30-40 meter
>dipole option.
>also at the 85 ft level I plan on feeding my 80/160 fan dipole (inverted)
>Using a hybrid  Phillystran 1/4 to EHS 1/4  configuration for the guys to
>reduce / remove guy resonance what should be the MINIMAL lengths be using
>the Phillystran ?
>Yes I know more is better, but budget wise i would like to know.
>Do I only need it at the top level ?  Two levels ?
>Alternative if i use 502 insulators how many and where ?
>Thanks  73 N1HWC Bill
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