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N6FD n6fd at mchsi.com
Thu Aug 30 19:08:44 EDT 2007

I would be very interested in how to tell which 45 tilt overs had 
problems, as I have an old one that I acquired from a SK's estate.  What 
was the failure mode?  Is there any way to tell from the strongback if 
it one that was fixed or not?


John Becker wrote:
>> Fold Overs are kinda neat 
>> because I don't mind climbing to assemble it but would need some help on the 
>> ground but only once.They kinda scare me because of the danger of the 
>> leverage of them but if you know what your doing and don't violate what the 
>> maker says you should be OK.Not sure of the cost or if they are available 
>> new anymore.
> I have a 68' Rohn 25 foldover which I've had up since 1970. The first 
> antenna was a TH6DXX which was replaced by a KT34XA in 1981 and has been 
> up ever since. I've had no problems with the tower and it has survived 
> some major storms including one which snapped off an 18" diameter pine 
> tree about 15' off the ground next to my house. I have heard of a couple 
> of people who had failures of the tilting boom on the 45 version, and 
> Rohn subsequently redesigned that part. Rohn dropped the foldover from 
> their product line several years ago and I'm not aware of anyone else 
> making such a design. You do need a calm day to fold it over because it 
> would be very vulnerable to wind while being tilted.
> 73,
> John, K9MM
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