[TowerTalk] fold over towers

N6FD n6fd at mchsi.com
Fri Aug 31 19:23:59 EDT 2007

I got several replies on failures with the Rohn 45G foldover.  It looks 
like Rohn did a modification to the design to beef up the strongback on 
the foldover.  Thanks to Jim, K5LAD for some pictures showing how his 
failed.  It looks like he had the earlier version and I have the later 

I went out and took a look at the strongback that I had for the Rohn 45G 
foldover tower.  Some pictures are on my web page at 
http://n6fd.home.mchsi.com/index.html  It appears to be a fairly strong 
way of attaching the tilt-over cable to the strongback.  The big steel 
tube is welded to the ends of the strongback and to three additional 
cross-members on the strongback.  It appeared to be very sturdy during 
disassembly of the tower.

Once again thanks to Jim, K5LAD and John K9MM for their helpful replies.


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