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The 3 inch irrigation pipe would be a good solution.  The people in 
Farmville, Va see to be a pleasure to work with.  I was designing an 80M 
phased array and called them.  The man I talked with was will to meet me 
there on a Saturday even though they are closed.  He was willing to cut the 
long pieces to a size that could be easily transported with a pickup truck 
and sell me just the right amount (5 ft sections) of a smaller diameter to 
effect a good splice of the larger pieces.

Here is the info for contacting them.  They also have a website.

Mid-Atlantic Irrigation Co., Inc.
1803 West 3rd Street, PO Box L
Farmville, VA 23901
Toll-Free: 888-442-0240
Fax: 434-392-1934
E-mail: info at mairrigation.com

Pat, K8PC

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>I am looking for a design for a full size 40 meter, 1/4 wave, self
> supporting vertical.
> I am thinking that telescoping aluminum tubing is the best way to go, but 
> I
> am not sure what sizes are needed in order to be self supporting (no 
> guys.)
> It has been suggested that I simply use half of an element from the 40 
> meter
> yagi as described in the ARRL antenna book.  This in fact would work, but 
> is
> probably design over kill for a vertical.
> Does anyone know of plans for a design that meets my criteria?
> Paul, W3GQ
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