[TowerTalk] Irrigation pipe vertical

Red Haines redhaines at acegroup.cc
Sat Dec 1 13:51:35 EST 2007

Hi, Dick;

You ask a very pertinent question, especially for those who might use 
irrigation pipe for portable antennas.  The answer is no, aluminum 
irrigation pipe is lightweight.  I estimate that the 30', 3" pipe weighs 
less than 30 lb.  I can easily carry a 30' 2" pipe telescoped inside a 
30' 3" pipe and I can erect the extended pair by myself, if the bottom 
end is anchored by one of the bases that I put them on.  This is not a 
demonstration of my strength; I'm 74 years old and weigh about 145 lb.

7e de Red, WOØW

RLVZ at aol.com wrote:

> Hi!
> Isn't irragation pipe real heavy?  I am thinking it would take a 
> serious base.
> 73,
> Dick- K9OM

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