[TowerTalk] radial connections

Larry DiGioia N8KU towertalk at longwire.com
Sun Dec 2 10:51:04 EST 2007

I just got done installing a new inv-L for 160, right next to my 
existing Hy-Tower, which has 77 radials.

I managed to get 4 new radials for 160 run before the wx turned bad, and 
I ran a single connecting wire between the two bases. Eventually, I will 
end up with two radial systems crossing over/intersecting each other.

The antenna works fine, I got a GM last night on the first call with 100W.

My question is, for now, if there are lots of radials underneath a 
vertical, BUT NOT CONNECTED TO IT, do they do anything?

Larry  N8KU

 l o n g w i r e . c o m
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