[TowerTalk] Rohn Trust Bearing

Bill Parry bparry at rgv.rr.com
Tue Dec 4 18:08:04 EST 2007

Thanks guys!

It looks like "PB Blaster" is the item of choice. I'm gonna try it and I'll
let youall know how it works.

Bill, W5VX

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I have a pair of Rohn thrust bearings in the top of my tower. The set screws
have rusted and the tower guy told me that he couldn't unscrew them. I am
going to have to remove those set screws so that I can take the 20' mast out
of the top of the tower. The mast is currently sitting on a HAMM rotator and
the bottom thrust bearing is about 12" above the rotator and about 5 feet
down in the tower. The top thrust bearing is mounted on the top of the
tower. (120 feet of Rohn 25)

Since I don't seem to be able to unscrew those set screws, what are my
options? I suppose I could have him drill them out. Probably need to replace
the thrust bearings anyway.

Anybody had this problem?

Bill, W5VX


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