[TowerTalk] Crank-Up Tower Base Question

Alan NV8A nv8a at att.net
Tue Dec 4 20:47:13 EST 2007

On 12/02/07 03:09 pm RICHARD SOLOMON wrote:

> I plan to install an LM-470 in the near future. The base specs are 3'6 X 3'6 X 7 feet. A note
> on the drawing mentions ..."undisturbed soil"... . The Backhoe Operator tells me the hole he
> digs will be more like 6' X 6' and the will use concrete forms to reduce it to the required size.
> After the forms are removed, they will backfill the hole.
> What do you folks think of that plan ? 

My concrete guy gave me a fixed-price quote for the hole for my HDX-555. 
The hole was supposed to be 5x5x7 but ended up significantly larger, so 
he simply poured more concrete: 9yds instead of 6.5. Perhaps he had 
already allowed for that possibility when he quoted, but I still paid 
only what he quoted.


Alan NV8A

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