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>  My concrete guy gave me a fixed-price quote for the hole for  my HDX-555. 
The hole was supposed to be 5x5x7 but ended up significantly  larger, so 
he simply poured more concrete: 9yds instead of 6.5. Perhaps he  had 
already allowed for that possibility when he quoted, but I still paid  
only what he quoted.
    When it comes to excavation, my experience has  been they come out bigger 
all the time - I'd say 80-90% of the time. Backhoes  are not precision 
implements and then you have soil problems with sloughing.  Your experience is 
pretty typical. Shame on your contractor for  underestimating the job. 
    OTOH I did a job in Oregon where we removed 8 or  so yards or dirt and 
there wasn't a single rock in it. And the sides were  totally plumb. It was 
beautiful. And easy for a change.
Steve    K7LXC


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