[TowerTalk] Sommers Antenna company status + upgrades ???

Bob Dorsey zf2rf at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 5 07:26:19 EST 2007

I have a Sommer XP505 that I would like to add the
17/30 (and make an XP507 out of it) add-on to before
putting it up.  I have had no luck reaching them to
order it.  

This is a second request --- does anyone have any info
on Karl and the company --- are they still in
business?  I was advised Karl has been trying to sell
the business so he can retire (I can relate to that &
hope to the same 2 years from now!).

Failing getting the add-on kit from them --- does
anyone have the plans on how one would add 17/30 M to
an XP505, in case I have to find a way to find the
parts and do the needed mods myself?  I **REALLY** do
want that 17/30 M capability!  Not as good as
monobanders, but better than nothing!

Mny TIA & best 73 ---

Bob  W4RQ / ZF2RF / 8P9AJ / FO0DRD

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