[TowerTalk] Another aluminum question

Alex Malyava alex.k2bb at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 17:11:18 EST 2007

that's me again with a question very related to the previous one :)

I recall a lot of discussions of verticals in this reflector - verticals
build out of irrigation pipes or build for permanent installation etc.

I want to build a vertical out of aluminum pipes from TexasTowers - the only
source of telescopic tubing I know about. That vertical suppose to be
portable - I have no place for it at home, but would like to take it
overseas or at least to Poconos, PA where we rent a house once in a while.

Hy-Gain sells their ATM-65 set: 2" thick wall pipe + 10 pipes telescoped
from 1" 3/4 to 5/8".
Is it good? I mean - would I able to erect it alone or with only one helper?
Is it gonna be a nightmare to guy it?
Do I need to reinforce it by using thick-wall pipes in several bottom

I am planning to use it on 40-80 bands.
I am not sure whether  I want to use it on 160, but there is an antenna
designed by DL2KQ - it is 16.5m high vertical with two 8 m long capacitance
wires on top and simple match box at the bottom.

Alex K2BB

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