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R. David Eagle kb8nnu at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 9 18:13:33 EST 2007

Thanks for the info...I am currently using some of these F-259 connectors that I found at a radio shack, but I've discovered that not all stores carry them so that forces me to find them elsewhere.  I have the "snap-n-seal" type connectors with the compression tool and was hoping to stray away from using the F-259 connectors.

The coax that I'm using is standard RG-6U (not quad), copper plated center, foil and aluminum braid.  I am now using it on my receive array, an 80 meter transmit antenna, and my 160 M inverted L.  I'm really impressed with it so far.  I was forced to use the RG-6 when looking at RG-213 and RG-8 prices.  I can buy 1000' for about $60 from a local distributor....not too shabby.


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Well I'm throwing my $.02 in, I was looking for a way to solder RG6 onto a 
259 but several suggesed the compression type and get the F-PL259 adapter. 
It's worth it. Easy fast and works. I purchased 1000' of RG6 Quad Shield for 
about $.07/ft (includes ahipping) off ebay and it works great. I happend to 
already have a good quality RG6 coax stripper from a room addition we built 
last year and I can have a connector on in a couple of minutes.

One last suggestions...if you buy off ebay, make sure you requst BLACK coax 
if you want it.. I got white and  didn't want to spend $30 shipping it back 
to Ca..

I bought a compression tool at LOWES and a container of RG6 connectors. A 
True Value hardware store had them a few $$ cheaper I later found out


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> Dave, I'm just about to switch over to rg6 here, and have elected to make 
> up
> pigtails to go from one to the other.  A compression fit rg6u will fit on
> rg8x, and be wxproof.  I'm basically sacrificing 1m rg8x jumpers, with
> molded pl259's on the end.  6" pigtails should do the deed.
> Radio shack is carrying a line of compression type connectors from 
> Philips,
> at about 2 bucks each, and a compression tool for about 12.
> Jim/n2ea
> Hello all....I was wondering if anyone knows of a good quality crimp 
> PL-259
> that works on RG-6U???  I've been dealing with junk connectors from swaps
> and I'm getting pretty sick of replacing them.
> Thanks,
> Dave
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