[TowerTalk] Linear loaded 160 L

Dennis OConnor ad4hk2004 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 14 07:28:29 EST 2007

Tom, there is reasonable evidence that linear loading is not as efficient as claimed and that net power is improved by using a decent coil and/or top hats...
  Can you convert the L into  a resonant Tee?  That would be the most efficient..
  If that is not desireable, then consider a loading coil and a top hat... I believe the mobile shoot out series have proved that a loading coal about 2/3 of the way up and a top hat was the most efficient layout for that combination...
  The next iteration <in my mind> would be a bottom loading coil with a short Tee as the top hat...  Alternatives to that would be two coils, one at the 2/3 point but just enough inductance to resonate at the top of the band, and a bottom loading coil with tap so you can tune to the part of the band to operate - with or without a Tee/hat...

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