[TowerTalk] Antenna Tree

Ken KI4ZED at comcast.net
Mon Dec 17 19:17:07 EST 2007

>From the Georgia section of the ARRL:

When you were dragging out your Christmas decorations this year, did you
come across some interesting vintage items? You know, those things you
haven't actually used in decades, but for some reason, keep stashing back in
the attic year after year? NED MOUNTAIN, WC4X, has been hanging onto a
vintage 1955 aluminum tree for years, and this year, he decided to have a
little bit of fun with it. Why not turn it into an antenna? After sticking
the 30 or so aluminum branches into the trunk, he added a little inductance
to the base, and was able to get a match on 40M. Worked two stations in Ohio
on the thing!

Pretty cool, huh? Ya just never know until you give it a try...


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