[TowerTalk] Generator (natural gas) and lightning

Blake Bowers bbowers at mozarks.com
Tue Dec 18 09:17:51 EST 2007

No matter what you put over the tank, the potential
is what matters.  If the tank has a lower potential
to ground than the wire you hang above it, then the
wire will be bypassed and the tank hit.  

Just because you have a wire between the sky and the
tank is not even a fair indication that the tank would not
get hit.

Lots of discussion on this has been had on the WISPA mailing 

The major telecom sites do NOT use such an apparatus.  They 
ground their propane tank to the site ground.  Never had one blow up!

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> We're looking real close at using propane generators for a few WISP
> tower sites and lightning issues were considered.
> Local propane company said the tanks themselves are thick enough to
> take the instantaneous thermal shock of a direct hit, its when the gas
> piping connectors get blown off you have the problem.
> We're going to use the idea oil companies use for their small well site
> tanks and equipment. They have two poles on both sides of the equipment
> with a wire running across the top and well grounded to intercept
> lightning. 

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