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Artmouton k5fnq at cox.net
Sat Dec 22 14:24:44 EST 2007

Chet - I did a quick look at the StepperIr and am afraid to put up anything 
in the air here in South Louisiana.  We are about 30 miles from the Gulf of 
Mexico with prevailing winds from the Gulf.  There is salt in the air.  Not 
much, but, over time it takes its toll
I understand that the little motors in the StepperIr are sealed, but I am at 
a stage in life that this will, probably, be the last tower and beam I put 
up and do not want problems.
I just fear putting up a bunch of little motor driven elements.

I will seek out that report.  Thanks for that reference.

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> Art,
> Purchase the K7LXC/N0AX  tribander report which independently tested most 
> of the tribanders  out without manufacturer hype and all on the same 
> antenna range  and make your choice from that list.  Once you have made 
> your choice there, then compare that choice to the SteppIR which was not 
> in production at the time the report was done.    That should put you in 
> the ball park.
> ...............well sort of,   then determine how long you can wait,  I 
> hear there is a few months wait for the SteppIRs and also a wait for some 
> F12 models as well.
> 73
> Chet N4FX
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>> I just joined this list and was wondering if there is access to the list
>> archives.
>> I am taking down a very old TH7DX and will be replacing it and would like 
>> to
>> peruse the archives as to a good replacement.
>> Thinking of a KT36XA or a Force 12 or whatever else is now out there.
>> Art K5FNQ
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