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Trylon angle towers are very hard on gloves and hands. I general recommend
normal split leather work gloves for trylon angle towers. Just take them off
once you are tied off in position to do small work, and put them back on
when you climb or reposition. Kinda sucks all of the ,on, off, on, but I
have not found anything that will keep you hands any safer than this on a
trylon angle tower.

The framers glove will have the same issues on this tower. As you have found
out, the angle material on these towers is very hard on gloves. I have
ruined brand new gloves, in one day, working on these towers. 

Richard Elizondo
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     I just got back on the ground from repairing a broken 160M shunt wire
on my tower.  (FYI - the shunt feed showed infinite SWR in the shack and out
at the tower I found one of the two shunt wires was broken at the top PVC
unsulator - of course - probably from wind whipping the insulator up and
down over the years.)  

     This was the first climb since I purchased my fingerless gloves
http://store.pksafety.net/blst98fi.html .  I don't like them.  The glove
material ends at the second knuckle of each finger, just where I tend to
grab the angle steel members of my Trylon tower.  I might as well have
climbed without 'em.  I would prefer buying a pair of full-finger gloves and
cutting off the tips for better dexterity as some of you have done.

     Can anyone comment on the framer's gloves on the above web page?
What's the difference between these and what I already have?

     Thanks and Merry Christmas.

73 de
Gene Smar  AD3F


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