[TowerTalk] A103 for A3WS WARC beam

Jack Brindle jackbrindle at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 26 20:23:59 EST 2007

I believe it is the same manual as that for the A743. At least the  
A743 manual does have dimensions and directions for 30 meters.
I have not been able to make the A743 work very well with my A3 (not  
S) - I now think it is the dimensions of the director and reflector  
that are off. When Cushcraft went to the A3S, they slightly modified  
the element dimensions. The problem I see is that the antenna  
resonates below the 20 meter band, even with the elements shortened  
as far as they can go. Obviously something is off...

On Dec 26, 2007, at 3:47 PM, joe barkley wrote:

> Hi All,
> I am thinking of adding the A103 to this A3WS I have before it goes  
> up.
> I can't find any reference to the parts involved and instructions  
> to ad
> it on CC site
> Is it the same as the A743? It looks like all I would need is 2 of the
> TK traps
> which I have if that is the case and the assorted aluminium to join  
> them.
> I have lots of A3 series leftovers and would like to see if I can  
> do it
> without
> buying a new kit. If anyone had a PDF of the A103 30meter add on  
> kit for
> the A3WS
> I sure would like to have it. Any help is appreciated.
> Tnx,
> Joe
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