[TowerTalk] Bamboo Quad Spreaders

Tom Osborne w7why at verizon.net
Thu Dec 27 00:11:57 EST 2007

But be careful, get it too hot and it will explode!!

If you don't believe me, throw some wet bamboo in a fire and see what 
happens.  Don't ask me how I know :-)    73

> Dave,
> The best bamboo that is used for fishing poles and spreaders has been
> "flame" cured (dried) which hardens the wood (drives the moisture out) and 
> adds  a
> hard finish which is somewhat blackened by the flame.  DO NOT char the
> surface, but raise the surface temperature until some blackening occurs. 
> You might
> Google for some specific details, Southern Louisiana is a popular  place 
> for
> the cane pole industry.
> Norm W4QN

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