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AD5VJ Bob rtnmi at sbcglobal.net
Sat Dec 29 20:58:38 EST 2007


Just an update on the progress of the Rohn25 tower with a question at the end.

I sent in an email to the group not too long ago about putting up my Rohn 25 tower and guy wires and about height. ect and got many
responses which made me wait. (thanks to all who responded)

 I am glad I waited.

My neighbor, who I just met today, was crashing down a small barn he had built some years ago in his back yard. He was using a small
"back ho" that has a bucket in front. He is going to put up a better one in a little while. 

Anyway, I went over and asked him where he rented it from and he told me he just bought it for 2500.00 bucks and that it was his, so
I asked him how much it would cost me for a day to rent it to dig one whole 3' X 3' X 3.5' feet deep.

All he said was, "no problem as soon as I am done here I will bring her over and we'll get her done". 

He wouldn't even take money for fuel or for the time spent. So I told him I knew quiet a bit about electronics and if he ever needed
anything done or had any questions in that regard to let me know and I would try to return the favor if I could.

The first place we started to dig had so much rock the "little" back ho wouldn't dig it, so we moved down the hill a little bit
further and found a somewhat softer spot to dig, that's where the hole is now. 

If it had not been for the neighbors generosity, it became quickly apparent, that it would have been virtually impossible with a
pick and shovel (original plan). The back ho pulled some rocks out of that soft part of ground that were around 4' X 3' X 3' and not
just a few of them either more like eight or ten of them plus smaller rock that the back ho made by crashing the jaws down onto the
bigger rocks.

Make a long story short (if that is possible for this Texan) 

I now have a hole which measures beyond the specs for the Rohn 25. 
It is around 4' deep X 5.5' wide X 4' wide total. 
Had to make it bigger to get under the rocks and get them out of the hole.

Couldn't believe all the rock that our house is on.
Dont ever have to worry about it sinking or shifting that's for sure.

So I am thinking about building a box inside of it 3' X 3' square in order to house the concrete and the tower section which will go
in the ground. 

Proposed process:

I would build the box in the hole
Put gravel in the box (abt six inches at the bottom) 
Put the tower section in the hole
Level the tower section and stabilize it (prop it up)
Fill the box in with concrete (10 bags I am guessing)
Check the Level of the tower section
Put all the dirt and rock back in around the box
Check the Level of the tower section
Wait for it to cure a couple of three days
Check the level of the tower section
Set the guy wire stakes in the ground (three)
Put up the rest of the tower
String the guy wires
Climb and Mount the rotor
Climb and mount the antenna(s)

Any better ideas on the process from now on please feel free to make suggestions, this is the first time I have done a tower.

Wonder if I could talk my neighbor into buying a small crane :) Hi Hi

  73 fer nw es gud DX,
10X#-37210, SMIRK#-5177
FISTS#-12637, SKCC#-2369
NAQCC#-1966, FP#-1141, RARS#-149

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