[TowerTalk] Towers and Open Wire Feeders

Adrian Rees rees.a at btconnect.com
Thu Feb 1 05:25:46 EST 2007

Hi all
I have been conducting a few experiments using open wire feeders to monoband Yagi's. So far things are looking very good. (I do not want to use Co Ax feeders due to the very long cable runs (and associated loss) at my QTH. Typically 350 metres).
The next step is to run the open wire feeder around the Rotator unit. I would like to keep Open Wire feeder as the only feeder from the shack to the Yagi, but recognise I may have to change this requirement. For example feeding Open Wire feeder into the shack, although electrically efficient, would create practical issues in terms of cable management. So I may use 1:1 Baluns at the shack end and feed short CoAx runs into the shack. I am using tuned lengths of feeder so the impedance presented by the antenna to the feeder is the same impedance at the shack end ).
So, thats some back ground. How do I run Open Wire Feeders around a Rotator ?
All comments appreciated.
Adrian Rees MW1LCR 

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