[TowerTalk] Stepper Antennas and Shunt Feed Towers

Howard Klein howk2 at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 1 15:13:16 EST 2007

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From: Pete Raymond <n4kw at infionline.net>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Stepper Antennas and Shunt Feed Towers

Howard,  That is very interesting as I would have thought that you would 
want to use the Yagi as a capacity hat, and need to have the elements out 
vice retracted.  Course if your tower is tall enough for a full 1/4 wave 
length then you do not need a capacity hat.  What size tower do you have and 
what freq do you have the tower shunt feed for?
73 Pete N4KW

Pete and others,
I have an 80 ft tower with top 4 El at 82 ft and lower 4 at 40 ft. I use 2 
separate shunt wires for 80 and 160. Actually, instead of wire I use 3/8th's 
tubing which doesn't move much in the wind. I found extending the El's runs 
my SWR up. I might possible be able to extend the El's and tune the 
reactance out with the variable cap but have never tried it. Keeping the 
elements retracted is an easyily repeatable position. My lower antenna is 
rotated on a TicRing. I run the tubing inside the ring but outside the 
tower. Where it passes through the Ring I wrap it with several layers of 
Scotch 88. I use a gamma match with a vacuum variable. My SWR is less than 
2:1 between 1805 and 1860 kHz with near unity at 1825.

>I have had good results with a two stack of 4 element SteppIR's. I find I 
>best when all el's are retracted. No arcing noted.

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